Why choose KTM Gruppereiser as your DMC?


Knowledge and experience

  • We have more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in arranging events, conferences and
    group travels. With our expertise and local knowledge, our goal is to meet your expectations with the
    best service.
  • A reliable partner
    We pride ourselves with being a reliable partner. Our company is family driven, and we are financially stable.
    We have focus on our predictability and long term relationships with both our clients and business associates.
  • 24 hours service for you
    We are available on a 24 hours basis while your event is on. In case of emergencies, we are at your
    service, no matter what time it is.
  • Local and international network
    We have local knowledge and expertise. We cooperate with local suppliers to be able to offer good
    rates and make your event the best possible. Should you require our services abroad, we also have
    an international network of associate.

Trust us

Our customers rely on us and our services. By letting us make all the arrangements and take care of
the logistics, it saves them time and money, as well as it allows them to keep focus on other things.
They trust us to deliver on time and as promised, and we always keep our promises.

Our services

We customize all arrangements to our clients preferences, and we keep focus on efficiency, service and professionalism.
All events are planned based on individual agreements and adjustments, and you’ll find all services by contacting us,
which is a time-saving concept for you. For instance, we take care of the following services for you:

  • Transportation, local and international
    – Flight reservations by commercial or private flights
    – Private transfers by coach, boat, private cars or similar
  • Accommodation
    – Hotel
    – Cabins
    – Cruise ships
    – Other preferred accommodation
  • Hospitality and social program
    – Restaurants
    – Tours & excursions
    – Team building
    – Events
    – Entertainment
    – Incentives
    Project management and execution
    – Assistance on beforehand
    – Assistance throughout the event
    – Escort according to arranged program

Travel partners

We are proud to say we have arranged events, group travels and conferences for many different clients throughout the years.
Most of them are locally based, others are based within Norway, within Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, while others
also recide in countries in other parts of the world.

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